Bird Watching Experience

Pair of birds in the Ale Water Valley

Bird watching in the Ale Water Valley

There is a range of great bird watching opportunities in the Ale Water Valley. From moorland and upland grazing land to woodland and arable in the lower sections, there are several species of bird to spot. Due to the larger proportion of wetlands, we hope to give you some special places to observe the birds that thrive on and near water.

The Valley has almost a tenth of the UK Water Rail population in or close to the catchment. These very secretive birds are not easy to spot. More often they are heard with their strange squeaks and hisses. All along the Ale River you will see the very busy movements of Dippers who, along with increasing numbers of Otters, feel very happy here.

Download our information sheet below for a list of some suggested places to observe birds in or close to our River catchment. We would ask you to try to disturb our birds as little as possible, especially in the breeding season.

We would also love to hear about your bird watching experiences at Ale Water Valley. Please email with any comments or suggestions.

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